Software Financing

Software Finance Program – It is no surprise that the software market is a multi-billion dollar industry.
The ways in which software is produced, distributed and financed are always changing rapidly. As new business models, varied platforms and upgrades are released, companies will continue to invest substantial dollars into this market.
It is our objective to continue to be a leading funding source by creating new and innovative finance tools for the software industry.

Below are some ways that Native Capital can assist with the growth of your company with software financing or leasing options

  • Native Capital will fund 100% of the software cost
  • Software leases are written on a lease agreement
  • Software leases are priced at our standard rates, no increase in pricing
  • Up to 60 month terms available with a $1 end of lease option
  • Brickhouse Capital’s standard credit criteria will be used when evaluating software applications

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